All Fans, Parents, Players, and Coaches 

Once again, I need to remind everyone that a large part of the purpose of this league is to promote Sportsmanship and Fair Play. This means that berating players, referees, and anyone else in attendance at our games and practices is not acceptable.

It has come to my attention that there have been incidents involving fans in the building and stands that have carried disagreements outside of Sal Tinari to our games and practices. This is not acceptable. The violators can be removed from the facility (includes the building and parking lot) and be subject to arrest. Players can be permanently removed from the league. 

The conduct of players and coaches during the game is the responsibility of the game officials. No one else needs to involve themselves, nor should they. Please come to the game with a positive attitude to support our players and coaches and cheer for your team.

Also, we have had another incident of vandalism. It is on video tape. Anyone found wandering the halls of any facility we use will be made to leave. When the persons in the video are determined they will be subject to arrest, and if a player from the league is involved, they will be removed from the Sal Tinari Biddy Basketball League and receive a lifetime ban. 

Ric Raffone, President
The Sal Tinari Biddy Basketball League, Inc.