Letter to Sal Tinari Biddy Basketball Fans, Coaches and Players

Courtesy, the most majestic of words, yet sorely lacking among many who come to watch games and practices at Sal Tinari Biddy Basketball.

We as a league can no longer tolerate the poor behavior of players, coaches and fans at our practices and games. Examples of poor sportsmanship, lack of common courtesy and overall bad manners have been running rampant so effective immediately we at Sal Tinari are instituting the following:


  1. No player or coach or fan shall be on the court until their designated time. If they are, they will be subject to discipline, up to and including expulsion from the league. Too often team’s practices are disrupted by players from other teams running or playing on the court or a side basket during another team’s time. This will no longer occur.
  2. Any parent, coach or player asked to leave the gym by a referee or league official will do so immediately or the police will be called. If you are expelled, the league may choose to ban you from all league facilities in the future
  3. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their teams and fans, subject to league discipline
  4. Lack of respect by players of others will not be tolerated. This includes behavior to game officials, league officials, parents, coaches, fans and other players.
  5. Any one involved in a physical or verbal altercation during a game, practice or while in the vicinity of our program (i.e. parking lots, hallways, etc.) will be dismissed and banned from the league.
  6. Coaches, parents and players will not criticize players on other teams, that is not their responsibility.

Respect!!! It’s the name of the game.

We will add other restrictions as we see fit to ensure the integrity of our league.

Sal Tinari Biddy Basketball